Wednesday, July 30, 2008

looking forward but standing still

I don't drive and therefore I spend time walking through out my day. A few years ago when returning from the store I had the sensation of peace behind my back but in front of me was a struggle, difficult to move forward like there was an invisible wall in front of me. In the far, far, far distance there were open spaces but I could not move forward or I was moving forward ever so slowly. At this time I heard the Lord say you can not continue to move forward with all that baggage you are carrying, you must surrender it and lay it down. Once again I find myself unable to move forward while behind me seems ever so peaceful. Again the Lord is saying that I can not continue until I lay it down and leave it down. It wasn't until now that I realized that I had moved some distance from that place I was in a few years ago. I knew then and I know now that running back is not the answer. Turning to the left or the right is not the answer. I am to stand and let the Lord search me and do as He says- lay down all that is not of Him, Repent (deeper than I have done in the past), trust and wait for further direction. I see that there is stuff that I have been trying to hide. Having it exposed in this way is painful and I am having difficulty yielding. Having the Lord and others seeing me for what I really am is frightening. Yet I don't think I am fooling anyone but myself...Obviously Jesus knows me and I know many times I have seen things in others that they seemed surprised by when they finally see it in certainly people are seeing what I think is hidden in me. I am a little shaky about this part of the journey but at the same time I know that the same Lord Jesus who saw me through in the past will see me through again.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Fast and Pray for North Korea

July 27th is the 55th anniversary of the Korean War armistice and the creation of the Dimilitarized Zone, the border that divides North and South Korea is heavily armed. A call has been put out for all Christians world wide to Fast and Pray for North Korea on Sunday July 27th.
Pray for restoration of Human Rights.
Pray for the salvation of prisoners, guards and for the concentration camps to be permanently closed.
Pray for those who are starving and for breakthroughs for Christian workers to reach the poorest communities.
These are just a few of the prayer points...I believe you can go to Open Doors to get specific prayer points.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Pray for Sudan

I just visited GRN site and there is a request for prayer for the people of Loka,Sudan...A group calling themselves LRA ( I believe the letters stand for the Lord's resistant army.) have entered a village and took 45 people with them and one boy lost everything..there is much tension....they request prayer ...for specific information please go to the GRN site. Loka is where GRN have rebuilt a school.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

cloud of witnesses...

Tuesday evening- we just finished praying for the persecuted church. We have been walking home from church after our weekly prayer meetings. By walking home we save bus fare and hopefully the exercise will help me shed the many, many lbs. I have put on over the years. Well each week it has been getting harder and harder to walk home...the heat and the mosquitoes make the hour and half walk difficult. Friday we canceled the weekly intercessory prayer at the church (we did pray at home) because it was to reach over 9o degrees. I already felt like a whimp and whiner for opting to pray from home rather than at the church.
This week-end I read "In the Presence of My Enemies" the story of The Burnhams, a missionary couple that were kidnapped and held hostage by a terrorist group for over a year. They had to deal with hunger, insects, humiliating circumstances and all this not knowing if they would survive the day. Gracia shared in this book how she and her husband Martin saw that God revealed to them the thoughts in their own hearts and reminded them that they were to love their enemies. They learned to make the best of their circumstances. Martin died in a battle between those who captured them and those who were sent to rescue them and Gracia took a bullet in her leg.
They had to rely on memory in order to hold on to the promises of God. They saw the smallest gesture of kindness as the Lord's mercy on them. How quickly our lives can change. I thank God for the freedom to worship with other believers, to read His word freely and the opportunity to get to know Him. I thank Him for people such as Gracia who share their testimony even though it is painful. I am thankful for her humbleness because she shared the truth even when the truth wasn't especially complimentary about herself. What an amazing witness.

Friday, July 18, 2008

VOM offer...

Voice of the Martyrs blog is offering free bracelets as reminders to keep China in prayer during the Summer Olympics.
July 12, 2008

280x190_prayerbandsv2The Voice of the Martyrs is very excited to offer you a FREE Olympic prayer band and we would love for you to get as many as you'd like and tell all of your blogging friends to share about it.

If you get a band and/or are telling your blogs, please leave me a comment or email me at so I can keep track. We really would like to know how you are helping, and we THANK YOU in advance!


Posted by Stacy L. Harp

Monday, July 14, 2008

Let Us Pray

I don't know about your community but it is very difficult to get people together for times of prayer in my community. I have heard the call of God on my heart for us to gather together seeking His Face. 11 chronicles 7:14 has been placed on my heart and I believe it is also on more than a few others in our nation. I confess when I hear about the prayer that is going on through out the nation and how people are responding to and seeking the Lord on behalf of our nation-I am a bit jealous. I have a great deal of respect of those who are alone in the church day after day seeking the Lord in prayer. They are pouring out their hearts before the Lord, standing in the gap for their communities and our nation. They have not grown weary of well doing. If the Lord has put this call to prayer on your heart and you know of someone else in your community who is standing in the gap- join them...If you find that in your community it begins with you then be willing to step up and stand in the gap- invite and encourage others to join you. Pray that Pastors, deacons, elders and leaders will join with other Pastors, deacons, elders and leaders in your community for a time(s) of prayer. To those who reside in communities that are gathering together in prayer - Please pray for those of us who are not yet experiencing that kind of commitment to prayer. Please keep our Pastors and Leaders in prayer that they will reach out to each other and we will have unity in our communities.

Summer Games

It won't be long before all eyes will be on China watching the Summer Olympics. The athletes have been preparing for this event-each wanting their chance to earn the gold. The crowds cheering them on. While all this is happening...Christians in China are being placed in prison, Bibles and Christian materials are being taken from them, some are being taken from their homes, some are suffering torture and beatings....for specific information check out sites such as Voice of The Martyrs and Open Doors. Remember those who are in bonds! Remember to keep them in our prayers. Thank God for faithful people who give all and will not deny the name of Jesus even at the cost of family, home and life. Pray that the Lord will strengthen, encourage, protect and embolden those who have not denied His Name. Let our prayers cheer them on to finish the race that the Lord has called them to. Let us pray that many will come to salvation through these precious saints.