Thursday, February 12, 2009

Prayer Request

Prayer Request

1) Women of the Bible Discussion Series - Saturday February 14th...This month we will be discussing Esther and for some reason I am having difficulty with this study. I ask the Lord to give me wisdom, discernment and understanding on how to lead the discussion. That the Holy Spirit would speak to the heart and mind of each woman encouraging them to engage in the discussion. That the word of the Lord will take root in our hearts and guide us to walk closer with the Lord Jesus.

2) That the hearts and the minds of the women will be touched for the unborn. That they will sign and send the letters to our Senators and Congressman asking them to oppose FOCA. That we will keep this in prayer. Also that we would seek the Lord asking Him to establish a crises pregnancy center in our community.

3) Community Prayer - Friday February 20th- may all who attend be of like minds in the Lord Jesus. That the Holy Spirit will stir our brothers and sisters in Christ to join with us to pray for the Lord's will for our community. That the seeds of revival will be watered and nourished and take deep root in our community.

4) That the prayer meetings that already have begun in this community continue to grow in depth and knowledge of the Lord and His will. That there would be a renewed commitment and a fresh outpouring of the Holy Spirit.

5) For a great hunger for the word of God to spread throughout the community and that the Lord will raise up teachers of the word. That we would stay true to His word- rooted and grounded in Him

I ask all this in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior.